hsin » why.. erm, thankyou. hello everyone who may still be writing here. if you can be kind enough to divert your attention to my new page at tictacorange.wordpress.com, i'll be most appreciative.
Jefy » I was looking for biscuit when I found this blog
blogflap » Hi~ you can share your blog at www.blogflap.com now~
Ben » gong hey fatt choyyyy
Yuri » Hi hi! Ms Buscuit Our album is FINALLY out! so come by Laundrybar tomorrow with your kakis to get the pre-release copies! Thanks for the suuport all this while
walrus » hi! pls. visit my site. thanks! good day!
meldee » hsineeeeeee! been too long babe. you're looking fab
chita » hey..wow...my groiup of firends all have a food nickname..and there is girl called biscuit chan..haha..im sushi chan =P
melissa lam » hi hsin ee!greetings from melbourne!=] where are you leaving to..? or rather, where are you at now?
ashley » passin by
cutepsycho » hi! dropping by here again.
lAla » iMma blog hopper =)) nice entrance. haha.
hsin » ahh, appreciate that. will get in touch once i arrive.
huisen » Off to Perth? I spent 4 years there. I don't know what everyone's complaining about. I loved it there. Would be happy to impart info if there's anything you'd like to know.
huisen » Hi, tagged myself with the A-Z. Thanks for that. However.... "D is for your pet's name". Hmmm.... I must be missing something. "D is for dog" I guess!
dani » jon da drummer!!!!
hsin » why thankiews.
lackluster » hahah.. this is a fun blog to read. keep it up chic! =P
hsin » karasu> wazzzzaaaa! dani> ehh, which jon? thomas? mel> i dlded em from isohunt; and the subs can be dlded at www.s-projects.org
mel » hi~ stumbled upon ur site while searching for nodame cantabile where did you dl ed it? and were they subbed? ive been wanting to watch it since i know of its existence T.T
dani » eh jon was featured in The Sun 11th Jan issue. Half page some more! Damn yeng!
karasu » yo! long time no blog stalk! hehe
hsin » lo ck, strange that u have me linked but now only visit me. = =
CHEEKZ » HSIN! First time visiting your new blog. How outdated am i?!? LOL You look fabuloso!
hsin » but smuggy sounds cooler.
smuggy » smuggy got name wan okayy!! hahaha
rebz » congratz, ur profile is featured cute blog
rebz » congratz, ur profile is featured cute blog
N-Newtype » Wahlau the fooddddd. And the money spent x_x''
N-Newtype » Wahlau the foodddddd. And the money spent x_x'''
Mich » Congrats upon your graduation! Hv a good time in HK! I want candies too!.. lol!
rach » cha boh manyak beautiful..... =P
hsin » june> *boisterous laughter* llk kck wife> thankiew, nice to know that i have a fan over in one of my fav countries. ^^
llk kck wife » Hello, i really like reading your blog. I'm like your fan now. I'm currently in Switzerland, and reading about that wedding entry. No wedding can beat malaysian chinese wedding la. Da best of da best.
june » Holy hell that's alot of pics for the wedding entry. X___X *ckoneksyen mati kudasai-ed
hsin » anonymous blog babe, anonymous. ^^
dani » nope. always a reader nvr a writer. i could nvr write as good as u or any of ur bloggie frens. oso since im an IPTA student, my mouth's sealed by da gaberlment though i got a lot 2 write bout them
hsin » T___T very proud beyond words. do u happen to have a blog as well?
dani » argh! n i was so hoping to read the works of a genius... yeah i knew cuz i read through all ur entries until the 1st one. all 447 entries if im not mistaken. proud or not u got such loyal reader?
hsin » wow, u knew about that blog? it's been suspended already though; all my entries were gone. = =
dani » hey, care to give the add of ur old blog? the one on IX server if im not mistaken. juz wanna continue reading ur thoughts.
loz » "...but never stopped hoping for her knight in shiny beemer." - most excellent expression. nice blog here. congrats on 'featured profile' today .
swee » hello.. just thought of letting u know that the foodblog (Just Heavenly) has moved to http://foodaholic.wordpress.com
hsin » thankiew woman! you're the first person to compliment it at free will. T.T
esther » hsin i like your hair!!!!!
saff » last pic<-- u look like a pregnant woman.. sorry for the straight-forward comment
hsin » im 21. ditch the profile, i keep forgettin to update it. =.=
MCR » hey ur 20 or 21?ur profile says ur 20 but somewhere in da blog u mention ur 21 years of life...confuse...
cutepsycho » juz hoppin'!
cutepsycho » juz hoppin'!
minty » hello!
miss simple » cool blog !!
hsin » like i said, 2nd performance was much better la. but i didn't think u would survive very long in that suit there anyway .. ^^
minty » shit not enough space....nvm ermmm i shall leave one comment here everyday then..anyways sorry for ciaoing so early that night.....boring la i was almost asleep..hehe
minty » helly ka che dearest!!! didnt realise can layan u here ma....so small ure tagboard...unlike smuggy so giler besar somore pink..wtf wtf....ahhaha not layan kau kau k....everyday leave one comment
hsin » the food pics kill me also, if it's any consolation. +_+ hence why i refrain from this site in the middle of the night.
Mich » haha... 'sup weii... Long time never chat with you. How's everything ler. How I wish that I could just grab at your food pics and voila! The food is right there for me to taste. XP
hsin » google's the answer to life~ ^^ quite simple le actually, once u get the hang of it.
c.ho » mmm. i got a yukata from my parents. i don't know when/where to wear it to and i have no idea how to put it on-.-"
hsin » !! noooes, dun say that! *glomps you are still. T_T
Mich » *realises that she no longer exist in Hsin's world*....
hsin » wheee teks lama tak jumpa. >.<
karasu » booya~~ haha juz blogstalkin hee hee
hsin » lioncity> yeah sure, be my guest. spread the love of didi. ^^ james> when i get the rest of the pics from the others... unless they are too scandalous for public viewing.
james » when will the redang post be continued, huh?
lioncity » hi hsin.. i surf thru yr blogs and i saw Didi - GSC photo. can i save it into my pc for my viewing purposes??
lioncity » hi hsin.. i surf thru yr blogs and i saw Didi - GSC photo. can i save it into my pc for my viewing purposes??
hsin » ^^ why thankiew. and thx also for reviving the dead tagboard.
Ronzzz » Love your blog, looks really great !
hsin » hiroki is that half naked dude in the pic. ^^
rach » who's HIROKI? hmmn..... update meeeeeeee................
rach » who's HIROKI? hmmn..... update meeeeeeee................
Jen » HIROKI narimiya! HIROKI narimiya! HIROKI narimiya! he is one icon that can single-handedly make all women bleed (up and down too)
hsin » ..... he's a bit too pretty boi for my liking, although he's had quite a fair share of fangirls back in high skool last time.. >.<
rach » eii....nick quite cute huh... hehehe.. =P
hsin » itulah mo beriya-iya non-stop about him! =.=
rach » ehh...?? y in d pix, ashraf pose macam Mo's bf? >.<"
rach » oh yea......!! i so wana throw my shoes at them... blardy rip off!! plagarizing!!!!!
Jen » hohoho we rockz! we rulez!! we are kewllll!!
nimrod2 » herm why i not get free tix! T.T
hsin » rach haven't sent me the pics yet! =___= sabar babe, don't highblood pressure !
Jen » I WANT MONGO I WANT MONGO I WANT MONGO [where's your galore la?] faster faster faster faster... UNFAIR! *WAILS*
Jen » Elements iz at The Curve
rach » we da women and we S.H.I.N.E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahx~~~
ian » ms reed cafe looks pretty good.. always pass by it but never bother to take a look
nimrod2 » arlow =P i start college officially lu. sucks waking up earlie everyday. where got after saman only leh? coz funny mar see your car kena saman! ><
hsin » Elements. i can't remember which mall though -.-
joey » hey hsin, where did u buy your stripey black shirt from?
joey » hey hsin, where did u buy your stripey black shirt from?
hsin » if ur willing to pay more, i was told that Zipangu in Shangri-La KL is the bomb; Gonbei and Jogoya in Starhill looks awesome; and Iketeru in Hilton KL. haven't tried any of these though. yet,hopefully
hsin » well, for fairly affordable stuff, i'll recommend Zen (pyramid), Kinpachi (SS17, before the slope goin down to ss18 n 19), Raku Zen in SS15 (opposite SJMC)
Unorthodox Ideas » Sorry I meant to say good Jap restaurants.
Unorthodox Ideas » Hey.. do you know any really good restaurants in KL or PJ? Great blog btw.
hsin » yeah sure, feel free to take the pics. and yes ojie did read the lyrics... apparently twas a Creed number.
mel » oh yah, is it ok if i snag a few pics? am a stonebay fan here did ojie rly read his lyrics? thanks in adv and will credit u!
mel » hi! i stumbled upon ur site when i was looking out for reviews on last week's gig at jamasia since i cudnt attend it >< am glad there is a review.. and a great one too!
hsin » i havent even put up the worst ones yet.
rach » omg.....the pix we took are dem kao funny weyy... hahahahahx!!
hsin » dash> eh fck u my parking damn awsome k? and btw y do u always only msg me after i kena saman? unhealthy frenship nih...