Entry: dotcomdotcomDOTCOM Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Two days away from departure:

  • My webcam starts dying on me.

  • My internet connection starts dying on me.

  • My external HD is probably gonna start dying on me also, at the rate I'm force-feeding files into it.

  • I cannot stop buying things.

  • There are still people I haven't met up with, and will probably not see anymore until a year later.

  • In a dilemma on whether or not to inform certain people of my departure.

  • I haven't finished packing.

  • In fact, I just started packing.

  • And my clothes pile outsized my remaining luggage spaces by two times - not including shoes.

Damn champion.dot.com la, Hsin. Well done.


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March 21, 2011   02:35 PM PDT
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June 1, 2007   04:29 PM PDT
How come got no more updates?
April 25, 2007   08:35 PM PDT
April 23, 2007   11:00 AM PDT
bila update wor?
March 28, 2007   02:22 PM PDT
WHEN ARE YOU GONNA UPDATE?? I'm getting impatient already!
February 21, 2007   12:58 PM PST
update already!
February 8, 2007   11:35 AM PST
hsin ee!
u leaving so soon ar?!!!
haven met up with u for such a long time :s
February 7, 2007   11:30 PM PST
Well done babe! Well done! *thumbs up* haha

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