Entry: salute the SLK Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Traffic jams, initial bad parkings, eventual powerful parallel parkings, making (illegal) parking lots out of tiny spaces, 130kmph on the road, cutting across 3 lanes in KL at peak hours.

Pathetic motorbike-like honks, but massive honking regardless, harassment on the road, harrassing others on the road, being trashed by streamer cans, breaking down in outside Shangri-La, KL on Christmas Eve.

Seeing me through 2 colleges and 1 workplace, seeing my sis through 3 different schools, running a bazillion errands, getting lost just about everywhere outside Subang, countless camwhoring moments, causing terror on the road when I'm late or superbly pissed off.

And...... getting me everywhere with everyone for the past 3 years, without any incidents. :)

Feeling a bit mm seh tak to part with my Small Little Kelisa, it literally being the vessel for so much memories over the years, both good and bad. Yet, the inevitable has dawned, and it's time for me to hand you to someone else - who probably won't be as loving and affectionate as I was, but nevertheless... it's time to move on.

Farewell my baby. It's been a beautiful journey, you and me.


February 4, 2007   08:24 PM PST
that day i saw u at one u!!!!!!!!!!!1
not too sure if it was u so didn't say hi. was working there.
February 2, 2007   09:34 AM PST
awwww. i felt the same when i parted with my slk. except that it didnt break down on me. lol

hellooooooo hsin!~

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