Entry: meme a-z Saturday, January 13, 2007

I miss doing memes.

A is for Age:
# 21 going on 22

B is for Beer of choice:
# Carlsberg Ice, but because it's not available everywhere, I'm always with Heineken instead. Then again I don't like beers in general.

C is for Career right now:
# Blogger and slacker. Resuming student life in a month's time.

D is for your pet's name:
# If I have a dog, I'll call it Bosco. :D Erm, I don't know.. depends on what animal/breed/gender it is. Fifi, for anything that's furry and undeserving of a more creative name.

E is for Essential items you use everyday:
# Shampoo, hair masque, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, facial soap, moisturizer, toner, sunblock, loose powder, car keys, house keys, handphone, computer.

F is for Favorite TV show at the moment:
# I'm not much of a TV person (strangely enough, considering that my Career involves me bumming around the house), but I watch my bit of Ed, Kings of Queens, Jamie Oliver, Wah Lai Toi dramas, and reruns of Nodame Cantabile. ^___^

G is for favorite Game:
# "Big Fish Small Fish", "Who's Card is the Smallest", mahjong (3-kaki), Gin Rummy with the tiles, Twister, and Minesweeper haha. For real, actually; my best time for Expert level is 137 seconds. (/^ ^)/

H is for Hometown:
# Born and bred in Selangor - 3 years in PJ, and the subsequent ones in Subang. But I've spent many childhood CNYs in my dad's hometown (which I consider my kampung also la) in Kulim, Kedah.

I is for Instruments you play:
# A bit of piano, a bit of drums, and Gmajor and Cmajor on guitar.

J is for favorite Juice:
# Cranberry!

K is for whose butt you'd like to Kick:
# Those cibai lecturers.

L is for Last place you ate at:
# Restoran BAGAN, near Port Klang. =.= It took us an hour to get there, including the getting lost in dark, dingy industrial area and arriving at the custom checkpoint HAHAHA. But food was good, and cheap (the whole reason why we travelled so far to begin with) - 7 of us, ordered 8 dishes including crabs, prawns and squids - totalled up to only RM163. >.<

M is for Music:
# The current top 5 songs on my playlist:

  • Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On
  • John Mayer - Waiting on the World to Change
  • My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade
  • Marty Casey - Wish You Were Here
  • Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
But it changes all the time, my music preference. Usually revolves around the rock, contemporary jazz, pop, r&b (notably Korean and Jap ones), and chill-out stuff like Gotan and Del Mar.

N is for Next trip you will be taking
# A long, extended stay in Perth... if that counts as a trip. Well I do actually, despite all the horror stories that everyone (especially those from Melbourne) has been telling me. =.= I'm just keen on the shift in experiences and lifestyle, can? And testing waters to see what kinda person I'll become outside of my home; away from other people's rules and boundaries, and living for my own.

O is for Overnight hospital stays:
# The horrid dengue days. T____T 5 days of claustrophobic room, blood withdrawal at 6am, being unable to eat or drink, falling asleep to Kim Possible because I was too scared to sleep alone in a ward, sleeping in a corpse-like position in fear of drip needle coming off, pissing into a pan, air bubble phobia, and generally looking and feeling like shit.

P is for People you were with today:
# Mum, sis, Seet, Shaun, Su Ann, Giene, Giene's sis, Wee Kean, Min Chuan.

Q is for Quote:
# "To the left, to the left." Ya James, if only to amuse you. =.=

But speaking of quotes, Snatch (2000), directed by Guy Ritchie, is a killer for liners.

"Bullet Tooth Tony: Boris the Blade? As in Boris the Bullet-Dodger?
Avi: Why do they call him the Bullet-Dodger?
Bullet Tooth Tony: 'Cause he dodges bullets, Avi. "


"Vinny: I thought you said he was a getaway driver. What the fuck can he get away from? "


" [Tyrone just backed into Franky Four Fingers' van]
Tyrone: I didn't see it there.
Vinny: It's a four ton truck, Tyrone. Its not as though its a bag of fucking peanuts, is it?
Tyrone: It was at a funny angle.
[All three turn and look back at the truck]
Vinny: It's behind you Tyrone. Whenever you reverse, things come at you from behind.


"Sol: You ain't from this planet are you, Vincent? Who is gonna mug two black fellas, holding pistols, sat in a car that is worth less than your shirt?"

Fckin hilarious movie. Or maybe it's just my warped sense of humour.

R is for biggest Regret:
# I DON'T BELIEVE IN REGRETS. Well, not entirely anyway. But if I had to do things differently, I'll probably be less hesitant about the decisions I make.

S is for Status:
# Single and preying on young and fresh subjects.

T is for Time you woke up today:
# 12.00pm; and again at 6.30pm.

U is for the color of your Umbrella:
# It's a green Guardian umbrella, with white snowflakes on it. ^^

V is for Vegetable you love:
# None in particular, but I'm an advocator of "every meal must have greens".

W is for Worst habit:
# Cussing and massive honking on the road.

X is for X-rays you've had:
# 3 - one for my wisdom teeth, one for visa application, and another for the orthopaedic.

Y is for Yummy food you ate today:
# Aforementioned seafood.

Z is for Zodiac sign:
# Leo, your all-time favourite Egoist. ;)

And here's to tagging everyone who's reading this, and who has a secret fetish for memes - just like I do.


January 26, 2007   05:41 AM PST
You'll be pleased to know that since I did this, it's spread from my blog as well!

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