Entry: 2007 ni youkoso Thursday, January 11, 2007

And finally, Photobucket is back up. (/^ ^)/

But because everyone's net connection is still shit, including my own, I'll go slow on the pics. And because I haven't been properly writing and thinking in proper sentences for a while, I'll go slow on the words as well.

Part 1: Happee belated New Year's Eve

Picking up from where I left off at the previous entry - so, while there was the absolutely smexy Mike from one year ago, the only guys that I came in contact with were Martin and some random drunkard who kept patting my head while we were at the dancefloor. -.- It was one of those classic stoners who are damn persistant and kept showing up everywhere you go.

Music: was horrible from the start til the end (of my 100% consciousness). We arrived in our traditional manner of exactly 15 minutes before countdown - basically, enough time for us to step inside, make our way through the swarm of semi-drunk people, and on to the dancefloor.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 happy new year!"

And they launched into "The Final Countdown". O.o

Pure, unadulterated, 80s pop trash - un-mixed, un-remixed, just plain original synth. -.- I can't say which is worse, deafening techno or cheesy electronica; cos either way the song is doomed to begin with.

But come on, Final Countdown? And followed by Guns'n'Roses? In a bar, on new year's eve, in Sunway?

It's like they're endorsing the uncles at the club and encouraging their flocks to grow even bigger and bolder than they already are!

Have they no mercy for the younger ones@??


Hello pictures.

                    :: Su Ann, the tai-ka-che mui ::

                      :: Shereen and myself ::

 :: This is the last you'll see of my ugly regrowth. My hair is officially back-to-black now ::

 :: Perth-bound Fiona, who will start hearing endlessly from me cum February onwards ^^ ::

 :: Wee Kean leaving for UK, and Yee Mun leaving for Singapore. Our group's getting smaller and smaller by the year. = = ::

    :: Thank goodness for the few who are here to stay  ::

     :: Shaun boi and his bevy of ladies (as always -_-)  ::

 :: And WK insisted that we launched into our poser-maut modes ::


Part 2: Lou poh turns 21.

There was the now-customary surprise celebration at midnight:

     :: I drink Stout because it makes me man ::

"Guinness - all over your floor." *cracks into hysterical fits of laughter*

         :: Happee Birthday babe! ::

.... and then there was the birthday lunch/ belanja-us-makan-cos-he's-earning-alot lunch/ farewell lunch - courtesy of chef Jonathan Chong who had been missing in action for a few months now.

                :: Succulent steak roasting in the oven ::

 :: Entrée #1: Salad tossed with balsamic vinaigrette and topped with bacon strips ::

 :: Entrée #2: Jon's special homemade mushroom soup, with those mahal-mahal sorta shrooms ::

                  :: Entrée #3: Fresh scallop baked with cheese ::

 :: The chef and his loving assistant ::

            :: Final touches to our main course ::

And the rest of it, was gastronomical heaven history. >__________<


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January 13, 2007   04:43 AM PST
eh no la, they're not together. and yee mun's leaving cos she found a job there. >< damn lucky la, haih.
January 12, 2007   11:08 PM PST
nice pics!! and it's good to see how the seniors from school are like now..:D eh, itu wk and yeemun..together ar? and what's yeemun going to singapore for? work? studies?

lovely photos of the kitchen and the oven. heheh;P
January 12, 2007   07:04 PM PST
..... salah orang la, i hadn't been to curve for a while. (-_-")
Albert Ng
January 12, 2007   05:10 PM PST

I saw you walking past Vivo Pizza on Thursday (I was inside eating). I then went to Laundry to look for you (and watch Moonshine) but you were nowhere to be found!

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