Entry: si buaya gagal Friday, January 05, 2007

On New Year's Eve, I :

1) was harassed by a Grand Champion Cibai of an Ex Bf Daryl lookalike. I haven't had a club harassment in a while, so this was amusing and annoying at the same time.

  • He introduced himself as Martin.
  • What kinda fckin name was 'Martin'?
  • So I stuck around to find out - What sorta person made a 'Martin'.
  • He spoke Chinese to me. I told him I only spoke English (although for a fact, I can understand Chinese quite well, but the less he knew, the better)
  • His friend had to do the talking for him; and, in 3rd-party reference, told me that his Martin friend was 19.
  • I told him Martin I was too old for him as I was 21.
  • And suddenly, Martin was 26.
  • For some reason, he couldn't stop wishing me Happy New Year.
  • He asked me if he could have my number.
  • I told him cannot.
  • I walked off to sit at our table, but Martin was only one table away, so he kept staring and staring with that familiar cibai face that didn't annoy me so much in the dark, but bugs me everytime I think about it now.
  • Regardless of whether I was having a drink, talking to a friend, or swaying my head to the music, Martin would be staring and mouthing compliments for my dancing, drinking or talking. O.o
  • So obvious was the Martin self-absorbed energy that my friends sensed danger from a distance away and sent Shaun to the rescue, who came and sat next to me, posing as The Boyfriend.
  • Martin never stopped staring. And before we left the place, he grinned at me and wished me, for the bazillionth time, Happy New Year. =.=

There you have it, my fellow male readers. Unless you are of the Big 5: Suave, Charming, Fucking Handsome, Rich, Dominic Lau - that kind of pick-up strategy is bound to land you falling flat on your face; and if you're seriously unlucky, get beaten up by mock Boyfriends.

And the girls will go home and blog about you and tell other girls to be wary of your type of buaya, i.e. the Tak Jadi ones.


Anyway, this entry was intended to be a write-up on my New Year's Eve celeb and Jen's 21st birthday celeb. :D But because photobucket won't load, I'll have to save them for later I guess. =.=


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January 12, 2007   07:05 PM PST
tajung> only if they fall into the 'cute little boi' category, which he obviously didn't.

sweat> that was about it actually ^^"
January 11, 2007   01:33 AM PST
yoyo update lah yo. aku mau baca.
January 6, 2007   10:42 AM PST
eh i thought u said u like cute 19 year old bois that u can baham hahaha!

oh ya, he's not cute right?

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