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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
salute the SLK

Traffic jams, initial bad parkings, eventual powerful parallel parkings, making (illegal) parking lots out of tiny spaces, 130kmph on the road, cutting across 3 lanes in KL at peak hours.

Pathetic motorbike-like honks, but massive honking regardless, harassment on the road, harrassing others on the road, being trashed by streamer cans, breaking down in outside Shangri-La, KL on Christmas Eve.

Seeing me through 2 colleges and 1 workplace, seeing my sis through 3 different schools, running a bazillion errands, getting lost just about everywhere outside Subang, countless camwhoring moments, causing terror on the road when I'm late or superbly pissed off.

And...... getting me everywhere with everyone for the past 3 years, without any incidents. :)

Feeling a bit mm seh tak to part with my Small Little Kelisa, it literally being the vessel for so much memories over the years, both good and bad. Yet, the inevitable has dawned, and it's time for me to hand you to someone else - who probably won't be as loving and affectionate as I was, but nevertheless... it's time to move on.

Farewell my baby. It's been a beautiful journey, you and me.

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Friday, January 26, 2007
not quite farewell, yet

It's exactly 13 days, 2 hours and 40 minutes away from ja-matta-Msia, as I come to the end of this sentence. Haven't really been in the mood to blog lately - lazy, yes; and also the fact that I've been busy with uni-preparation, last minute shopping, and mentally trying to fit everything into my luggage without exceeding the 30kg limit. =.= Already I'm seeing the excess weight spilling out of my mentally-stretched suitcase.

So, what's left for me to do?

  • Student visa - checked.

  • Flight ticket - checked.

  • Accommodation and airport pickup - checked.

  • Enrolment and timetable scheduling - checked.

  • Farewell party - checked. Although, there's still time for more of this, of course. ^^

Just a quickie based on some of the photos I caught the past couple of weeks:

KDU's newly-renovated cafeteria.

The one built with our money, at the expense of our cafeteria-less terms in college, but which we never got to fully utilize it.

                :: Behold, the spanking new KDU Square ::

               :: Fancy schmanzy downlights ::

             :: Holy shit, there's even a proper menu! ::

 :: Food generally looked better, and arguably tasted better, and even served on prettier bowls and plates! And trays! More pricey though, but that's only expected from such a *coughs* high-class place. Tsk. ::

And if all of those aren't enough to rub into our faces, and other fellow faces who are leaving KDU, they even have to have better looking patrons to beautify the bloody cafeteria:

I want to burn them all down, if only out of spite.

Farewell gathering at Jen's place (20th Jan)

Where everyone came and ate and talked and ate some more and took about a bazillion photos among 3-4 cameras, and then left. I reckon it was more of a get-together rather than a farewell party. =.=

                                 :: Benny's leg, me, Rach ::

 :: Nick and Caine, making their first appearance here (and the last, til the following year) ::

         :: The Dengue Statistics of 2006, hur ::

             :: My Perth-bound babes ::

:: And introducing (l-r) Rach's cousin, Jason (@ Grapeboi), and her bro Henry (@ so-cute-and-shy-I-wanna.... mmm) ::

                        :: Jen's kawan-kawan sekalian ::

                        :: Hannah and her man ::

               :: "OMAE! Who the fook are you? O.o" ::

                                            :: *glomps* ::

                                     :: >____< ::

                                                 :: Is the everybody ::


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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
ratu sehari

I went for a friend's wedding last weekend.

And there it was - the faint but distinct smell of the start of many "friend's wedding" to come in the near future.

And with that, I try not to think of my own series of unfortunate events.

Date: 13 Jan 07
Venue: Dewan Raja Muda Musa, Shah Alam
The Couple: Sharinaz (dear Kak Shinaz) & Azreen.

We arrived sharp at 8pm, as was stated on the invitation card that I did not receive. In fact, I wasn't the only one who didn't receive an invitation, as our newly betrothed felt it was more economical to only send out two cards, with everyone's names split evenly between them. =.=

But yeah, so we arrived on time, and I was under the impression that only Chinese weddings are bound to start (at least) an hour late. As I soon found out though, it was actually more of a Malaysian thing rather than that of a particular demographic, to subject wedding dinner guests to a long, excruciating wait.

In our case, we had to wait for exactly 1 hour and 50 minutes before we could start eating.

And here's the catch: the food was right in front of us the whole time! -_-

 :: Colour coded pink. The one standing up, in the pretty pink kebaya, is Shinaz's sister ::

To distract ourselves from the very noticeable rendang and curry chicken in front of us, we resort to what we do best when we're bored and in possession of cameras.

                             :: Jen and Shy ::

 :: Introducing Hsin, in black hair for the first time in 4 years ::

                        :: Shima and Mr. Shima ::

8.30 pm, and bride was still no where to be spotted. =.=

             :: Finger deformities UNITE! (/>__<)/ This belong to Shy btw ::

9.00 pm, and on the brink of starvation....

                    :: Don't go there, woman... ::

Then finally at 9.30, they announced the arrival of the newlyweds. I gathered up every last bit of calories I had left in me and shamelessly barged my way through the now-standing crowd to capture the walk in.

I watched the bride, in full regalia of jewellery, hair extension and a damn pretty kebaya, strolled down the aisle with her husband - and thought about how just 2 years ago, we were attending the same classes, working together on the same assignments, and stressing over our grades.

And here she is now, a wife to somebody. And here I am.

                                  :: Ratu sehari ::

And then I snapped back into the present, and started going at the food at full force.

              :: Which wasn't quite enough to feed 11 starving people. T.T ::

  :: Sneaking a shot of the newlyweds prior to their meal ::


And more pics as the night came to an end - as we, once again, had to entertain ourselves while waiting for the crowd to disperse before we tangkap the bride for ourselves.

             :: So Mo, bila you punya turn? :D ::

       :: The next ones on the wedding list  - Shima, Mo, Munira ::

          :: The ones that did not make the list  =.= ::

And when we finally got hold of her, it was only for a short, short while before random makciks started giving us the "ok enough, our turn to ambik gambar with them" looks.

                                  :: So pretty in pink >< ::

            :: Sham (En. Mo), Rach, Azreen, kid, Shinaz, Jen, Mo, me ::

Congratulations babe, eh, I mean Puan Sharinaz. :D Best of luck in all your future undertakings, and may your marriage and family be blessed with abundance of wealth, health, and kebahagiaan selama-lamanya. :) *hugs*

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Saturday, January 13, 2007
meme a-z

I miss doing memes.

A is for Age:
# 21 going on 22

B is for Beer of choice:
# Carlsberg Ice, but because it's not available everywhere, I'm always with Heineken instead. Then again I don't like beers in general.

C is for Career right now:
# Blogger and slacker. Resuming student life in a month's time.

D is for your pet's name:
# If I have a dog, I'll call it Bosco. :D Erm, I don't know.. depends on what animal/breed/gender it is. Fifi, for anything that's furry and undeserving of a more creative name.

E is for Essential items you use everyday:
# Shampoo, hair masque, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, facial soap, moisturizer, toner, sunblock, loose powder, car keys, house keys, handphone, computer.

F is for Favorite TV show at the moment:
# I'm not much of a TV person (strangely enough, considering that my Career involves me bumming around the house), but I watch my bit of Ed, Kings of Queens, Jamie Oliver, Wah Lai Toi dramas, and reruns of Nodame Cantabile. ^___^

G is for favorite Game:
# "Big Fish Small Fish", "Who's Card is the Smallest", mahjong (3-kaki), Gin Rummy with the tiles, Twister, and Minesweeper haha. For real, actually; my best time for Expert level is 137 seconds. (/^ ^)/

H is for Hometown:
# Born and bred in Selangor - 3 years in PJ, and the subsequent ones in Subang. But I've spent many childhood CNYs in my dad's hometown (which I consider my kampung also la) in Kulim, Kedah.

I is for Instruments you play:
# A bit of piano, a bit of drums, and Gmajor and Cmajor on guitar.

J is for favorite Juice:
# Cranberry!

K is for whose butt you'd like to Kick:
# Those cibai lecturers.

L is for Last place you ate at:
# Restoran BAGAN, near Port Klang. =.= It took us an hour to get there, including the getting lost in dark, dingy industrial area and arriving at the custom checkpoint HAHAHA. But food was good, and cheap (the whole reason why we travelled so far to begin with) - 7 of us, ordered 8 dishes including crabs, prawns and squids - totalled up to only RM163. >.<

M is for Music:
# The current top 5 songs on my playlist:
  • Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On
  • John Mayer - Waiting on the World to Change
  • My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade
  • Marty Casey - Wish You Were Here
  • Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
But it changes all the time, my music preference. Usually revolves around the rock, contemporary jazz, pop, r&b (notably Korean and Jap ones), and chill-out stuff like Gotan and Del Mar.

N is for Next trip you will be taking
# A long, extended stay in Perth... if that counts as a trip. Well I do actually, despite all the horror stories that everyone (especially those from Melbourne) has been telling me. =.= I'm just keen on the shift in experiences and lifestyle, can? And testing waters to see what kinda person I'll become outside of my home; away from other people's rules and boundaries, and living for my own.

O is for Overnight hospital stays:
# The horrid dengue days. T____T 5 days of claustrophobic room, blood withdrawal at 6am, being unable to eat or drink, falling asleep to Kim Possible because I was too scared to sleep alone in a ward, sleeping in a corpse-like position in fear of drip needle coming off, pissing into a pan, air bubble phobia, and generally looking and feeling like shit.

P is for People you were with today:
# Mum, sis, Seet, Shaun, Su Ann, Giene, Giene's sis, Wee Kean, Min Chuan.

Q is for Quote:
# "To the left, to the left." Ya James, if only to amuse you. =.=

But speaking of quotes, Snatch (2000), directed by Guy Ritchie, is a killer for liners.

"Bullet Tooth Tony: Boris the Blade? As in Boris the Bullet-Dodger?
Avi: Why do they call him the Bullet-Dodger?
Bullet Tooth Tony: 'Cause he dodges bullets, Avi. "


"Vinny: I thought you said he was a getaway driver. What the fuck can he get away from? "


" [Tyrone just backed into Franky Four Fingers' van]
Tyrone: I didn't see it there.
Vinny: It's a four ton truck, Tyrone. Its not as though its a bag of fucking peanuts, is it?
Tyrone: It was at a funny angle.
[All three turn and look back at the truck]
Vinny: It's behind you Tyrone. Whenever you reverse, things come at you from behind.


"Sol: You ain't from this planet are you, Vincent? Who is gonna mug two black fellas, holding pistols, sat in a car that is worth less than your shirt?"

Fckin hilarious movie. Or maybe it's just my warped sense of humour.

R is for biggest Regret:
# I DON'T BELIEVE IN REGRETS. Well, not entirely anyway. But if I had to do things differently, I'll probably be less hesitant about the decisions I make.

S is for Status:
# Single and preying on young and fresh subjects.

T is for Time you woke up today:
# 12.00pm; and again at 6.30pm.

U is for the color of your Umbrella:
# It's a green Guardian umbrella, with white snowflakes on it. ^^

V is for Vegetable you love:
# None in particular, but I'm an advocator of "every meal must have greens".

W is for Worst habit:
# Cussing and massive honking on the road.

X is for X-rays you've had:
# 3 - one for my wisdom teeth, one for visa application, and another for the orthopaedic.

Y is for Yummy food you ate today:
# Aforementioned seafood.

Z is for Zodiac sign:
# Leo, your all-time favourite Egoist. ;)

And here's to tagging everyone who's reading this, and who has a secret fetish for memes - just like I do.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007
2007 ni youkoso

And finally, Photobucket is back up. (/^ ^)/

But because everyone's net connection is still shit, including my own, I'll go slow on the pics. And because I haven't been properly writing and thinking in proper sentences for a while, I'll go slow on the words as well.

Part 1: Happee belated New Year's Eve

Picking up from where I left off at the previous entry - so, while there was the absolutely smexy Mike from one year ago, the only guys that I came in contact with were Martin and some random drunkard who kept patting my head while we were at the dancefloor. -.- It was one of those classic stoners who are damn persistant and kept showing up everywhere you go.

Music: was horrible from the start til the end (of my 100% consciousness). We arrived in our traditional manner of exactly 15 minutes before countdown - basically, enough time for us to step inside, make our way through the swarm of semi-drunk people, and on to the dancefloor.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 happy new year!"

And they launched into "The Final Countdown". O.o

Pure, unadulterated, 80s pop trash - un-mixed, un-remixed, just plain original synth. -.- I can't say which is worse, deafening techno or cheesy electronica; cos either way the song is doomed to begin with.

But come on, Final Countdown? And followed by Guns'n'Roses? In a bar, on new year's eve, in Sunway?

It's like they're endorsing the uncles at the club and encouraging their flocks to grow even bigger and bolder than they already are!

Have they no mercy for the younger ones@??


Hello pictures.

                    :: Su Ann, the tai-ka-che mui ::

                      :: Shereen and myself ::

 :: This is the last you'll see of my ugly regrowth. My hair is officially back-to-black now ::

 :: Perth-bound Fiona, who will start hearing endlessly from me cum February onwards ^^ ::

 :: Wee Kean leaving for UK, and Yee Mun leaving for Singapore. Our group's getting smaller and smaller by the year. = = ::

    :: Thank goodness for the few who are here to stay  ::

     :: Shaun boi and his bevy of ladies (as always -_-)  ::

 :: And WK insisted that we launched into our poser-maut modes ::


Part 2: Lou poh turns 21.

There was the now-customary surprise celebration at midnight:

     :: I drink Stout because it makes me man ::

"Guinness - all over your floor." *cracks into hysterical fits of laughter*

         :: Happee Birthday babe! ::

.... and then there was the birthday lunch/ belanja-us-makan-cos-he's-earning-alot lunch/ farewell lunch - courtesy of chef Jonathan Chong who had been missing in action for a few months now.

                :: Succulent steak roasting in the oven ::

 :: Entrée #1: Salad tossed with balsamic vinaigrette and topped with bacon strips ::

 :: Entrée #2: Jon's special homemade mushroom soup, with those mahal-mahal sorta shrooms ::

                  :: Entrée #3: Fresh scallop baked with cheese ::

 :: The chef and his loving assistant ::

            :: Final touches to our main course ::

And the rest of it, was gastronomical heaven history. >__________<

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Friday, January 05, 2007
si buaya gagal

On New Year's Eve, I :

1) was harassed by a Grand Champion Cibai of an Ex Bf Daryl lookalike. I haven't had a club harassment in a while, so this was amusing and annoying at the same time.
  • He introduced himself as Martin.
  • What kinda fckin name was 'Martin'?
  • So I stuck around to find out - What sorta person made a 'Martin'.
  • He spoke Chinese to me. I told him I only spoke English (although for a fact, I can understand Chinese quite well, but the less he knew, the better)
  • His friend had to do the talking for him; and, in 3rd-party reference, told me that his Martin friend was 19.
  • I told him Martin I was too old for him as I was 21.
  • And suddenly, Martin was 26.
  • For some reason, he couldn't stop wishing me Happy New Year.
  • He asked me if he could have my number.
  • I told him cannot.
  • I walked off to sit at our table, but Martin was only one table away, so he kept staring and staring with that familiar cibai face that didn't annoy me so much in the dark, but bugs me everytime I think about it now.
  • Regardless of whether I was having a drink, talking to a friend, or swaying my head to the music, Martin would be staring and mouthing compliments for my dancing, drinking or talking. O.o
  • So obvious was the Martin self-absorbed energy that my friends sensed danger from a distance away and sent Shaun to the rescue, who came and sat next to me, posing as The Boyfriend.
  • Martin never stopped staring. And before we left the place, he grinned at me and wished me, for the bazillionth time, Happy New Year. =.=

There you have it, my fellow male readers. Unless you are of the Big 5: Suave, Charming, Fucking Handsome, Rich, Dominic Lau - that kind of pick-up strategy is bound to land you falling flat on your face; and if you're seriously unlucky, get beaten up by mock Boyfriends.

And the girls will go home and blog about you and tell other girls to be wary of your type of buaya, i.e. the Tak Jadi ones.


Anyway, this entry was intended to be a write-up on my New Year's Eve celeb and Jen's 21st birthday celeb. :D But because photobucket won't load, I'll have to save them for later I guess. =.=

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

For my slightly-overdue end of the year entry, I'm gonna look at the crimes I've committed throughout 2006, and the lessons that I've learnt, have yet to learn, or will probably never learn:

Perming the hair won't heal the emotional scars.

Instead, it will kill the hair cuticles and attract all the wrong sorts of male attention instead. (- -") Nevertheless, major hair revamping still hold its comfort values - but anything apart from perms la.

Speaking of which, another painful vanity lesson learnt is that short fringes have higher tendency to make one look like a sohai rather than chic. Or look like a Bai Ling. =.= It can only work on exotic Asian runway models; and wide faced, big-nosed types must never, never attempt the straight across fringe.

Relationships make and break you all at once.

Because at some point, some day, something is bound to mess up - especially if you're of the same disposition as me, where relationships do not last more than a year, and all the men are of the egoistic, hard-headed type. Wrong type of men, wrong type of commitment, wrong type of everything; because my choices in men are just fcked up, and will probably continue to be fcked up.

What have I learnt from this? I don't quite know yet. But what I do know is that for now, I might as well just channel my efforts into something I have more control over - i.e. my studies, my career moves, and my relationships (of the platonic kind) with other people. 

That, and pushing away thoughts of dying as a lonely spinster to the far corner of my mind. =.=

There are some really fcked up people in this world (i.e. KDU).

And having to work with such a difficult bunch was a pain in the ass, to say the least. And I've learnt that diplomatic efforts do not solve everything, because in some extreme cases, the enemies really don't give a shit about your attempt to be nice to them, and will still try to run you over with a truck.

But it also proved the long-standing belief that teamwork can save you from the deepest depths of hell - because despite everything, it's comforting to know that you have a group of people who truly understand cos you are stuck in the same boat.

And group-bitching is one of the most satisfying and stress-relieving activity during those torrid times.

However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are also some people whom I think are the greatest beings ever.

And no, that's not referring to the hot men I lust after - although, they are great in their own ways too. *sporfles* >.<

I'm talking about people who can see me through all my worst ways, and can still be find it in them to be friends with me. And how much my life revolves around interaction with others.

I'm aware that it takes a LOT to put up with me sometimes - although lemme first state that I have never intended to be a pain to anybody; it's just that I just get caught up with my own feelings and forget about others' at times. =/ And at my lowest days, I can be so emotionally-dependant on others that it can get tiresome on their parts.

But yeah, to be able to sit through all my incessant whinings and bitchings, transportation requests, countless food conquests, cranky mornings, emo nights, alco-induced antics and everything else bad which I've yet to be aware of... and still stuck around for all the good and bad times - you all know who you are, and I love you. :) I promise to be a better friend in 2007 and the subsequent years to come!

Dewars + Black Label + Midori = FATAL COMBINATION

I could still taste the sickeningly sweet Midori and the pungent whiskey at the back of my throat. I'm a late bloomer in this, but congratulations me for finally knowing what it is to be truly wasted. = = And once is enough, thank you.


It's hard to predict what's installed for 2007... but on my part at least, I resolve to:

  • Work harder

  • Procrastinate less (which is probably the least feasible resolution of them all. =.= )

  • Eat healthier

  • Sleep better

  • Be a nicer person

  • Be more persistent and motivated in working towards my goals, both short and long termed ones.

  • Live it to the fullest in Aussie.

There you go, my New Year's Resolutions - nothing too impossible like snagging a beautiful man or shedding my face fats, so shouldn't be that hard to follow. ^^

Best wishes to all of you too, in anything and everything that comes your way. *hugs all around* May you guys have a blast of a year ahead, and please continue to support Gripe Box, thankiewverymuch. :D

Happee New Year minna-san~

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Saturday, December 30, 2006
nodame cantabile s a gyabo gyabo <3

Nodame Cantabile (のだめカンタービレ).

" Shinichi Chiaki (Tamaki Hiroshi) is the top piano student at his university and an excellent violinist, but Chiaki doesn't care about playing these instruments as much as he dreams of someday being a conductor. Chiaki, however, has several deeply rooted fears about traveling, and so finds himself "trapped" in Japan. Because he's trapped, Chiaki starts to question exactly how far he can possibly go in music, especially when he's passed over again and again for others he thinks are less worthy of musical scholarship and fame.

This is when he meets Nodame, or Megumi Noda (Ueno Juri). Nodame is a free — if filthy — spirit who reminds Chiaki that music can be fun. She reminds him what drew him to be a conductor in the first place and, in learning how to deal with Nodame, Chiaki learns how to deal with others. Chiaki begins to realize what is possible for him, even within the country of Japan. "

I've raved and gushed and propagated this drama to just about anyone at all who would pay attention, and even more so for those whom I think has the slightest bit of interest in j-dorama and/or shoujo manga.

And so far the only person I've convinced is my sister. =.=


The plot is good, the music is good (albeit classical - but you may be surprised how they made classical music appealing even to people like me), jokes are hilariously Super-Deformed-inspired (which is good), and oh my god the beautiful people that star in it. The beautiful man that stars in it.

          :: Tamaki/Chiaki-san, dai suki da.... T______T ::

(and 3 more, because I couldn't decide which one to put up, eheh.)

 :: From a Jap variety TV program, Bistro SMAP! (where I discovered that, contrary to the role he plays in Nodame, Tamaki-san is in fact a perpetually smiling person). ::

(photos courtesy of Memento)

*** Click here for the plot summary, here for the official website, and here for the weekly review (warning: spoilers).

And just in time; since I'm looking for new stuff to listen to. My current playlist comprises of Beethoven's Symphony No.1 in A Major (1st and 4th movement), Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, Mozart's Piano Sonata in D+ and Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No.2 in C- (1st movement). ^^V

Yah don't mock me pls. -.- Let me have my elite, sophisticated moment for two weeks before i resume my usual playlist of tactless power chords and incoherent screamings.

But yeah as I was saying , the only other person who shares my enthusiasm for the show is the 7 year old kid, who is equally if not more excited than me whenever a new episode is downloaded.

Nevermind the fact that she doesn't understand some of the words in the subtitles, and I have to explain it to her; and that she laughs at her own interpretations of the jokes - but even then, we sit through each episode gushing over how handsome the guy is, how touching that particular scene is, and then sobbing during those sad touching scenes.

Sigh, what a way to end the year. >.< Live action shoujo manga at its best, and even the ending is satisfying - unlike TVB dramas these days which tend to end the plot within the first 10 minutes of the last episode, and then insert corny, unnecessary scenes for the next 40 minutes. =.=

That, or everyone dies in the end.

Instead, Nodame ends on a very fulfiling high note; leaving you (or me, at least - and everyone else who stalks the forums) going AAAAAAAACKKK, NO CANNOT END YET! - prompting talks of possibly a second season to it. ^^ And considering that the drama only covered 9 out of 16 volumes of the manga, there's still hope! (/^ ^)/


For the time being though, we'll have to be contented with the anime release, which is expected to be anytime within the next couple of months if I'm not wrong. But hmmmmm..... after seeing Tamaki Hiroshi living and breathing the role of Chiaki-senpai, I don't know if I can be contented at all with an animated version of him.


Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaah, cannot cannot cannot. T_________T


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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Comic Fiesta 2006

Date: 16th and 17th December (but tis only photos from the 17th)
Venue: Sekolah Sri Sedaya

1) The turnout was overwhelming.

Coming from the early days of cramped walkways in Sungei Wang and a very, very ultra niche fanbase.

 :: The queue that hit me when I arrived ::

                :: The crowd that hit me when I stepped in ::

2) Artists displaying and selling their artworks.

       :: It's not obvious in this picture, but the guy was wearing cat ears ::

:: It's just this strange otaku fetish for cat-humans, which I can never understand. Some even find it erotic. -.- ::

3) Merchandises and merchandise-suckers.

  :: Domo-kun and otto-san head gears - going for RM50 each. T.T ::

         :: Hot bishie postcards that Jill-chan got suckered into buying ::

:: Together with her cow earrings (she tried to con me into buying pig earrings) ::

      :: And her so-cute-can-die fridge magnets. ::

4) And of course, what's an anime convention without its inaugural cosplay competition?

You know you're really too old for the scene when you stop recognizing any of the characters that these people are dressing up as; and instead, is quite contented just seeing the weird and colourful fabrics pieced together.

And of course, the fact that everyone was at least 3 years younger. =.=

 :: The goth-lolita girls getting ready for the event ::

                 :: The one in blue is a man. ::

 :: One of the crowd favourites. For obvious reasons that he looked so cool wielding his big-ass sword around. ::

:: And as always, there has to be a Kakashi-sensei - although I've yet to come across any cosplayer who is even one-tenth close to the hemsomness and charisma of the character. ::

 :: Ironically, the one character that I recognized instantly had the least elaborated costume/props. Our L just had to crouch on a chair, constantly suck on a lolly, and look spaced-out. ::

There were a couple of Ls walking around, but that one by far was the closest to the real thing (on Death Note, my non-anime subjects). Others were either of the wrong size or the wrong gender. =.=

 :: No Ryuuk spotted (although that would have been awesome), but got Grim Reaper(s) la. ::

But more scary than Death itself, there was also....

                           :: A MALE FRENCH MAID! O.O ::

... which pretty much scarred me for life. +__+

             :: Goth chicks from earlier ::

                :: Colour-coded black and white.  ::

And then there's my favourite cosplayer of the lot:

Huwaaaahh, he's sho cute! >_________<

He's like the epitome of the CUBs (Cute-Underaged-Bois) that I'm constantly accused of chasing after. Not that it's entirely true, of course. Hardly ever, for that matter.

But aahh coupled with the shinigami outfit sommore... *cries*


But paedo-tendencies aside, the real reasons I was there at the event were, apart from seeing The Infamous Ouran Bois (though apparently I was there on the wrong day T.T), to meet up with June-chan and the RADE/Strawberry Jam guys - both of which I haven't seen in ages.

 :: Nekozawa-senpai from another batch of Ouran cosplayers ::

Who un-hooded to reveal....

               :: JUNE-CHAN! (/^ ^)/ Irrashai irrashai~ ::

After a while though, we started feeling really bored and tired - generally from the excessive energy that these people seem to put into their singing/dancing/laughing/incessant-fangirl-screamings - so we found a quiet and dusty corner where we camped out for the next hour we were there, refusing to budge at all.

And sending Kev to go scout for Ouran bois for us instead. :D

So after meeting up with June, went to meet up with Ian and the entire gang who were there to support Siew, whose company set up booth selling artworks. Man, it's been so long since I last saw any of them... apart from the occassional Friendster stalking, of course. ^^

But seeing them with clean shaven looks and short hairs ("Going for the boyband look") was........ well, definitely different from seeing photos of them with clean shaven looks and short hairs. =.= They all looked so bright and gleaming now. >.< Chit especially, whom I'm so used to seeing with a lot, a lot of hair.

Ahhh well... that's what growing up and age do to you I supposed. Even the most hardcore rocker starts listening to slow jazzy songs (and Justin Timberlake when he thinks no one is looking); and then there's us, feeling burnt out after a mere few hours of colourful cosplayers.

We spent the entire journey home pondering thoughts about life and old age.

:: Till next round (if there's still a next round), ja bai bai to anime conventions and pretty young bois in traditional Jap garbs. T.T *waves regretfully* ::


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Sunday, December 17, 2006
of tequila shots and barbie bags

Borrowing a line from Tan Jin-Fei - Sky Bar is a nothing to shout about.

 :: Can see KL tower, so what! >.< No la actually the view was pretty nice. As it would have been expected to be, coming from the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel ::

It was a collective response from most of us that Luna Bar beats Sky anytime, and for the following reasons:

  • Luna is not as humid, cos Sky was more enclosed.

  • Luna's music more chill out, while Sky's music was abit too loud. And for some strange reason, the management felt the need to play the music really loudly in the washroom. So loud that you have to scream to the person inside the cubicle and not be able to hear yourself or her.

  • And speaking of washroom, there was only one functioning cubicle in the ladies'. One out of two toilet cubicles, while the rest of them were shower rooms. What.The.Hell? Obviously more people will be peeing rather than taking showers right!

  • Sky's layout was a bit weird, cos the pool is massive and the low seats are really close to the edges of the pool.
And because of that, Smuggy nearly tripped a little girl into the water. =.=

And so did Kevin Chan - but I think it's cos he's so panjang.


Anyway, the night was supposed to be this massive meeting up session organized by Jo, now that everyone is back for the hols, and she invited her usual gang of friends, who brought their own gang of friends, and then there was the Dennis Chan gang......

And then there was me, with no gang of friends. -.-

But everyone was being nice la, and I think we've all seen each other enough over the years to recognize each other and know each other's names, and perhaps have even heard a story or two about one another. And coupled with all the booze that was going around (and cigars wtf. Joshua Tan with cigars wtf), ice-breaking was kao tim on its own.

 :: Who ever said that alcohol was bad for you? :D ::

Oh, ambil kesempatan to congratulate Smuggy for officially becoming a MAS co-pilot! (/^ ^)/ I know it came a bit too late, but then again we haven't spoken for a while so better late than never, CORRECT?

And because Smuggy stopped blogging for reasons unbeknowst to everyone, I'll announce on his behalf that apart from local destinations, he had also flown to Jakarta, Hanoi and Ho Chin Minh.

"Ho Chin Minh is..... where ar? Wait, er..."

"Hehe." Smuggy grinned smugly.

"... it's in... VIETNAM!"


"EH, or was it... correct ar? Sorry my geography tak pass. =.= "

"Ya ya, my geography also tak pass one."

Wtf la Smuggy, pilot can not pass geography one? =.=

              :: Zhuo Yan, Kevin Chan, Smuggy ::

                        :: Chris and half a Soon Han ::

                                    :: Jo and me ::

               :: Su Chien is grabbing Jo's boobie? O.o  ::

                         :: Me, Jo, Abby, Smuggy ::

                                  :: Vern and me ::

     :: Me and Abby at the after party, ahah. That's supper at mamak for you la ::


Rock the World 7 @ Stadium Merdeka, KL.

Last year, I was there with the Beat TV crew doing a coverage of the event. So in my glory days of being a production asst. intern, I had the exclusive media pass which allowed me to walk straaaight into the backstage zone, bypassing the scary crowd, and basically spending the rest of the evening watching from the first class stand.

This year, bad enough that I had to be demoted from MEDIA to having to pay to enter - I also had to be subjected 3 whole hours of walking/standing around in constant fear (we left after the first half), courtesy of, well, the scary crowd.



And these people gawked at us as though they have never seen Chinese girls their entire lives. Of course, it didn't help that our demographic (both genders totalled up) made up for less than 0.5% of the entire stadium, BUT STILL! JUST COS WE'RE CHINESE MEANS WE CANNOT LIKE THE MSIAN ROCK INDUSTRY IS IT?

I bumped into Foo Seng and Chit Wei in the crowd - and FS was telling me that even they were quite hesitant to enter the stadium initially, in fear that they would get beaten up or something. =.=

So yah. And no thanks to the last minute change of line-ups and inaccurate schedules, we ended up missing out on half of the performers that we were there to see; namely Tempered Mental, Reza Salleh, Gerhana Ska Cinta, and Lo.

And because we fled the place halfway through, we also missed out on Stonebay, Curtis Blues Review, One Buck Short, and OAG.

So what's left you tell me??

Some new-age fusion artist in denim cut-offs and a band fronted by AaronGoTakeOne's Javanese twin brother. T.T

:: It's not even denim bermudas (which, is bad enough on its own), but something that looked like bicycle shorts which had lost its stretching glory ::


But despite everything, there were a couple of consolations here and there. The few silver linings in our fckin hurricane-inducing clouds.

1) Estranged's performance.

a) Because they were bloody mindblowingly kickass awesome.

b) Because I am a bit of an Azwin Andy fangirl, nvm if he's really a himbo.

c) Because I caught at least ONE of the performances I had wanted to see.

:: The closest thing to Incubus and Boyd-love that can you get in Msia ::

 :: "Shinigami suit! Eh maybe the guy came straight from Comic Fiesta." - Jen ::

                                                    :: >.< ::

2) Ean as emcee on the Indie stage.

And really, you just cannot go wrong with Ean as your emcee. Even if it's something like, say, a college prom that's on the brink of disaster. =.=

                     :: And my lou poh loves him ::

3) Friends and familiar faces that I couldn't be more grateful for. T.T

                                      :: Chabs and mo ::

                       :: Albert, finally we meet. ^^ ::

               :: Will and his bro whose name I didn't catch -.- ::

  :: Ojie yang sudah potong rambut "cos I started working edi la" ::

And of course,

4) The occasional strange (in a nice, funny way) sights spotted in the crowd

    :: Skin-head, black studs, nice jeans, and my sister's bag ::

 :: *inserts politically-incorrect and religiously-sensitive joke* ::

 :: Actually this one isn't nice nor funny in any way, but we were quite fascinated over the fact that there we were getting stressed out from all the harassment, and you have this girl who looked like she stepped out from some S&M catalogue and she was walking around all by herself, unperturbed. ::

But speaking of strange, in a not-nice, scary way, there was this one rempit in particular (tight-fitting bleached jeans, Doc Martens, bleached denim jackets) who stood out among the rest scared the shit outta us with his incessant shoutings and lagak macho, strutting around with his cohorts as though he owns the place.

We suspected that he must have drank or smoked something, in order to behave like such a shithead. Every time he walked pass us, we would run away, in fear that he would suddenly come up to us and shout into our faces, or something. =.= I think I'll be traumatized for life if that had happened.

On the way out though, we bumped into them again, and we saw his group of friends struggling to drag him somewhere. I quickly looked away to avoid any form of eye contact (you can never be too careful), but Jen said that the fella had this stoned expression and was drooling all over his face.


Tak boleh la, tak boleh. This is the last time ever I'm attending a Rock the World. Heck, the last time I'm attending any rock festivals in Malaysia that isn't priced at anything more than RM100. T______________T

And I'm not being stereotypical. I just don't see any reasons to go easy on a bunch of people who behaved like they own the entire genre and can therefore act like bloody hooligans who do not know the first thing about respecting other people, let alone, women.

 :: We are traumatized, indeed we are - that's why I'm nibbling on my knuckles and Jen's chewing on her nails ::

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Here's a story of Hsin, a 21 year old self-proclaimed chiq whose sweat, blood and tears within 11 months of SAM in Taylor's College, Malaysia had finally paid off with remarkable results. *bows* (^ ^) After one whole unproductive biotech year in Monash University Malaysia, has finally moved on to greener pastures of the arts business - specifically, in mass communications. As of now, is proudly a Murdoch University BA in Media Studies student in KDU College.

Has great love for:
food, photography, great metropolitan cities, British accent, witty and dry humour, posh bars and restaurants with artsy interior, Discovery Travel and Adventures, men who cook, hysterical laughters, compiling thematic CDs, dirt cheap accessories, Nick Hornby, all-you-can-eat buffet, Japanese everything, jazzy romantic soundtracks, BMW, bittorrent, Starbucks, moshpits, wild dancefloors, live gigs, he who sings like Jason Wade and John Mayer, technology in general

Has low tolerance for (among many):
over-sensitive men, durians, bad English in print, most Malaysian establishments, most government personnel, MPPJ, hypocrites, manufactured pop, cheap chocolates, modified national cars with blue lights and ugly spoilers, Toyota UNSER drivers, sleazy uncles in bars n clubs, our censorship board, George Bush.

Considerably cynical over boy-girl relationships, but never stopped hoping for her knight in shiny beemer.

My Alter Ego: Mona Lisa Overdrive




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