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Monday, July 16, 2007
Of weddings and Northbridge night

Just a quick update - few words, not so few pics - before jetting off to Melbourne later tonight...

*pauses for a boisterous laugh*

... which means that I'll go missing for another 2 weeks, but I'll resume writing once I get back. With lotsa lotsa photos. Lots. ^^

Edwina & Nuno's wedding

Date: 24 June 2007
Venue: Munja Gardens, Karnyup

   :: Uma, Val (dim sum), myself, Adrian ::

  :: Edwina and Nuno taking their vows ::

  :: Random cute kid who kept turning around and smiling at me. >.< ::

  :: The statutory petal shower ::

   :: T__________T ::

  :: I want to release birds on my wedding also. ::

  :: The not-so blushing bride. :D  ::

:: All dressed up and pretty. And shivering and near-fainting from the cold Mandurah breeze ::

Sighee... I want a pretty garden wedding too. T.T


Northbridge Night Out

  :: Moon Cafe ::

  :: Mo and Chris ::

  :: Me and Rach ::

  :: Tammy (Jim's cousin from London) ::

  :: Chris and Jim ::

  :: Mo ber-emo ::

   :: Rach also ber-emo ::

   :: So I also must emo ::

   :: Cute random at the back! >.< ::

               :: We damn cute, can ::

:: Seems that Aussie bois practice quite a bit of cosplaying as well ::

:: Kick-ass rock band who was playing Vines' Get Free, which of cos had me going insane, and then had my neck suffer the consequences for the next couple of days. T.T ::

:: Ugly random wtf. Apparently I spoke to him a few times and he pretty well stuck to us for the rest of it. ::

biscuit @ 11:50 pm |

July 24, 2007   01:53 PM PDT
OMG! You're blogging! It must be raining eggs.

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