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Saturday, July 14, 2007
they will eat us all

Oh my god the blog is not dead? you say.

Well it sort of was, actually. In fact I had even gotten to starting a new blog elsewhere, which had a grand total of 2 entries, and then that died out as well. Because I couldn't find a nice layout for it, and because it was so empty and bare and visitor-less that it broke my heart.

I'm sorry I've abandoned you for so long. T.T

The first 6 months of Perth had been a blurry mass of activities - mostly those of booze, beaches, boys and uh, books, of course. Met new people, lost some people, almost lost some other people... and quite literally by some twist of fate, even fell in love in the process. :) Although most of you may already know about that, if you're good friends or have been Friendster-stalking.

Anyway, tis a reminiscence of things that happened in the first half of the Perth experience:

Summer days we,

Had our mandatory lie-on-grass shots at King's Park.

  :: The view we had from lying on the grass ::

 :: The infamous, postcard-perfect blue-skies-bluer-seas scenery ::

Beached to Cottesloe and Scarborough

  :: See Rach's shadow hovering on us >.< ::

  :: My Maori friend, Aaron Gohtakeone ::

Went crabbing at Mandurah, where I almost caught my cold of death.

 :: Crabs were tiny and few, but with whatever we caught, we had the best chilli crabs for the whole time we're in Perth. And easily the one and only time we had crabs at all. T.T ::

My access to seafood in Perth is more depressing than you can possibly imagine. If it isn't frozen or deep-fried, it's not affordable. And the only time we had "fresh fish" at a Chinese restaurant - well, the amount of flesh on the fish was laughable. =.=


Petted Australian marsupials at Caversham Wildlife Park.

All the animals they promised in holiday brochures. ^^

Did a slightly different version of the 'lay-on-the-grass' - this time, after our weekly Thursday Tavern nights, all boozed up.


And then autumn crept in, but it was pretty well still summer-shit-hot weather, so summer activities resumed as normal.

There was the courtyard soccer tournament:

  :: The naked cheerleaders - Em, Hsin, Jen ::

And we went sailing at Catamaran.

Jiak ah neh lao, first time I go sailing.

               :: Feed me thy jellyfish ::

               :: Chris Chan VS Rachel Liew. Round 1 - FIGHT! ::

:: Murdoch Malaysia Association (MMA), plus a whole lot of random Singaporeans, Indons, and even a white guy if you look closely ::

And yes we did go into the water, and not just posed on land and pretend. Just that it was common sense not to drown your cameras; and moreover, we were busy trying to navigate our sail boat and find the wind direction. (/-_-)/

Easter came and went, pretty quietly.

 :: Jen and her pretty lil Easter eggs ::

  :: Oh painting skills! T.T  ::

Celebrated flatmate/friend/mummy Emma's 19th birthday.

Went to the beach in the middle of Autumn, just to prove my point on how anti-climax the climate in Perth can be.

And witnessed one of the most beautiful sunset ever, right here at Cottesloe. :)

                                 ::  <3  ::

Banged my face against the wall and chipped off my tooth. +.+

Got it fixed for a stinking $119, which is RM 358, and pretty well all they did was put on a filling, which shouldn't cost more than RM 100 back in KL. T.T Even then the filling is sort of shifting as we're speaking, so my tooth looks crap now.

                                         :: Bleh ::

Met up with friends from back home, who are in this same lil boat called Perth:

  :: Fiona jie ::

  :: Jonathan Li Zi Yang, HAHAHAHA ::

And of course, the many clubbing moments caught on camera. Here's just picking up the random, memorable (and good-hair/skin/face-days) ones:

               :: Beach Night @ The Tavern ::

          :: Happee Birthday, Rizal! ::

  :: Kynan trying to play backside games with Chris. D: ::

            :: James the Goon Guzzler ::

  :: I met Superman! And was disappointed at how un-handsome he was. :( ::

    :: Rachel found car keys. And we kept them. ::

:: Toru and Azusa. Because it's cool to take photos with your Jap friends and post them online ::

 :: The beloved jantans, in a weak attempt to dance with each other cos all the girls were dancing amongst themselves. ^^ ::

              :: Family portrait :D ::

            :: And then Rachel found credit card. -.- ::


Winter sees even less activities for us to kill non-assignmenting times (although some time around then, there was a Facebook outbreak that was going on around the Student Village -.- ). And then semester ended and suddenly we had absolutely-completely-nothing-to-do. Beaches weren't possible anymore. Neither was King's Park. And by then, Tav nights and Metro Freo were starting to take its toll on us and our wallets.

  :: We did find ourselves a job though, to do stock-counting, which pays pretty well considering what a mind-numbing task it is. Nevermind the fact that we had to don pekerja kilang chic throughout the tenure of our contract with Lotons. =.= ::

So in the heat of absolutely-completely-nothing-to-do (and absolutely-completely exhausted our respective bank balances) - we braved the cold to hit the Murdoch Oval** on a Winter night. ^^

** Our campus soccer/footie field

            :: Everybody now, JUMP! JUMP! ::

  :: Eh fail la you all. =.= But I like this pic cos everyone looked so unphotogenic in it. >.< ::

                          :: Damn emo, can. ::

:: Re-enactment of The Matrix. Mitty was supposed to be saying "Nooooooo!!!" XD ::

   ::  *muax*  ::

:: Poser maut tak ketahanan manusia. =.= The camwhoring bug got to him - not surprisingly though, if you think about the people he hangs out with. ::

 :: Mari bilang semut! Sa..tu, du...a, No la actually, we were having an emoticon moment.  *circles ::

  :: And another emoticon moment. *cries ::

There you go. Long-ass entry. Have fun loading the photos, hohoho.

*collapses onto bed, dragging box of tissue along with me*

biscuit @ 03:43 am |

August 30, 2007   12:40 PM PDT
It's alive!
August 4, 2007   09:35 AM PDT

... are u in melb? like now?!?!

or did u just leave..... T_T
July 16, 2007   11:06 PM PDT
YES I AM! hopefully.

but will go on another 2-week hiatus, cos i'll be in Melb, hoho.

stupid woman audrey, arriving the day after i leave T_______T
July 16, 2007   10:55 PM PDT
hello where have u beeeeeeen! *angry

are you back for good??
July 16, 2007   10:50 PM PDT
you're back T____________________T

is this a permanent thing can i link you then
July 16, 2007   03:09 AM PDT
jill> huwaaah, i didn't think anyone would have dropped by after my half year hiatus!

best friend ESP-ness oh.

ringo> meme is the evil. i won't relent. -.-
July 15, 2007   09:48 PM PDT
zomg, i have connected to your ever so dead blog by chance and thar you are blogging again!


why does it seem to me that rach finds tonnes of things?
(i should get her to find lost items in my bedroom har har har)

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