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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
ratu sehari

I went for a friend's wedding last weekend.

And there it was - the faint but distinct smell of the start of many "friend's wedding" to come in the near future.

And with that, I try not to think of my own series of unfortunate events.

Date: 13 Jan 07
Venue: Dewan Raja Muda Musa, Shah Alam
The Couple: Sharinaz (dear Kak Shinaz) & Azreen.

We arrived sharp at 8pm, as was stated on the invitation card that I did not receive. In fact, I wasn't the only one who didn't receive an invitation, as our newly betrothed felt it was more economical to only send out two cards, with everyone's names split evenly between them. =.=

But yeah, so we arrived on time, and I was under the impression that only Chinese weddings are bound to start (at least) an hour late. As I soon found out though, it was actually more of a Malaysian thing rather than that of a particular demographic, to subject wedding dinner guests to a long, excruciating wait.

In our case, we had to wait for exactly 1 hour and 50 minutes before we could start eating.

And here's the catch: the food was right in front of us the whole time! -_-

 :: Colour coded pink. The one standing up, in the pretty pink kebaya, is Shinaz's sister ::

To distract ourselves from the very noticeable rendang and curry chicken in front of us, we resort to what we do best when we're bored and in possession of cameras.

                             :: Jen and Shy ::

 :: Introducing Hsin, in black hair for the first time in 4 years ::

                        :: Shima and Mr. Shima ::

8.30 pm, and bride was still no where to be spotted. =.=

             :: Finger deformities UNITE! (/>__<)/ This belong to Shy btw ::

9.00 pm, and on the brink of starvation....

                    :: Don't go there, woman... ::

Then finally at 9.30, they announced the arrival of the newlyweds. I gathered up every last bit of calories I had left in me and shamelessly barged my way through the now-standing crowd to capture the walk in.

I watched the bride, in full regalia of jewellery, hair extension and a damn pretty kebaya, strolled down the aisle with her husband - and thought about how just 2 years ago, we were attending the same classes, working together on the same assignments, and stressing over our grades.

And here she is now, a wife to somebody. And here I am.

                                  :: Ratu sehari ::

And then I snapped back into the present, and started going at the food at full force.

              :: Which wasn't quite enough to feed 11 starving people. T.T ::

  :: Sneaking a shot of the newlyweds prior to their meal ::


And more pics as the night came to an end - as we, once again, had to entertain ourselves while waiting for the crowd to disperse before we tangkap the bride for ourselves.

             :: So Mo, bila you punya turn? :D ::

       :: The next ones on the wedding list  - Shima, Mo, Munira ::

          :: The ones that did not make the list  =.= ::

And when we finally got hold of her, it was only for a short, short while before random makciks started giving us the "ok enough, our turn to ambik gambar with them" looks.

                                  :: So pretty in pink >< ::

            :: Sham (En. Mo), Rach, Azreen, kid, Shinaz, Jen, Mo, me ::

Congratulations babe, eh, I mean Puan Sharinaz. :D Best of luck in all your future undertakings, and may your marriage and family be blessed with abundance of wealth, health, and kebahagiaan selama-lamanya. :) *hugs*

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