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Thursday, April 28, 2005
Online Flasher

Dear Readers,

Please be aware that there's an online flasher around, who calls himself Justin and is attacking innocent girls on MSN. His current email add is ; feel free to spam his mailbox with anything horrible that you have or can think of.

I was unfortunate enough to have been tricked into thinking he was an old school mate or something, as he made me guess who he was. By the end of it, he still refused to reveal his identity, and chose instead to let me view his webcam to see who he really is.

However, what I saw wasn't any familiar face.. nor any face at all for that matter. All I saw was a guy wanking himself in front of the webcam... and the cam was focused on his bloody limp dick.

I suspect he probably got my MSN add from my blog. So dude, if you're reading this:

If this is your idea of cheap publicity, then be it, but bear in mind that that just qualified you as, literally, one of the most pathetic fuckers around; and I hope that admist one of your random cybersex taunting rampage someday, you will fucking die out of a lame-ass orgasm in front of the screen. And frankly, that's perhaps the saddest way to die ever.

Then again, it's not like you deserve any better.

Mahai, spoil my night only.

biscuit @ 03:19 am |

May 3, 2005   12:07 PM PDT
omg! u poor girl... that guy is such as dick... *tsk*tsk*
April 30, 2005   08:28 AM PDT
it's a mental instituition out there....

April 29, 2005   07:45 AM PDT
vi> yah, precisely. (- -")

aud> T___T *muka kesian* eh u better be careful urself also, fella doesn't know when to stop one.. still had the guts to msg me last nite.

joe> regardless man, seriously.

kenny> oh hello kenny! eh konon la Big Bird.. bluff ppl one. =.=

jo> *celeks*
April 29, 2005   03:34 AM PDT
hahaha kenny humour. Yay!! *got my dosage today*
April 29, 2005   02:01 AM PDT
eh hsin, what if the guy was some good looking takeshi kaneshiro dude?? hor!
April 28, 2005   11:42 PM PDT
my god poor thing!!! mmm bat see kuay ar?
April 28, 2005   10:54 PM PDT
wah...damn stoopid nothing else better to do.....
April 28, 2005   09:03 PM PDT
jill> hmm ya la... then the possibilities of taunting him online is limitless, ne?

jo> WHY U PRINTSCREEN SOMMORE?? i practically had nightmares from those images, ohhh my virgin eyes... X__X

s-kay> O.O ..... omg that's..... so.... urghh. but how did he manage to do so? i mean, print the pic out and spurt cum all over it? [aiee, bad mental image =.= ]

cy> hawhawhaw, no.

fish2> ah sou sou! oh and btw I LOVE YOUR FOOD BLOG!!~~ (/^ ^)/

fish fish
April 28, 2005   07:13 PM PDT
Urgh! What a HENTAI act!! He should has his d*** eletric shock by the monitor screen.
chiaw yaw
April 28, 2005   05:45 PM PDT
hahahah someone got lucky :):):)
April 28, 2005   05:13 PM PDT
Becareful not to give your pictures online to strangers to. Some guy shot loads of cum right at her picture and did it with his webcam on. It was awfully gross.
April 28, 2005   04:58 PM PDT
April 28, 2005   04:12 PM PDT
yoh, i thought jo was the only one who kena! haw haw haw

cis, if only you could have gotten his ip addy, haw haw haw
April 28, 2005   04:05 PM PDT
ian> *offers green pokka* ^^

elaine> HOHHH, YOU GOT IT TOO??! my god, there's really a serial flasher going around wei... +__+ oh and thx bout the blog compliment. :D

june> *paw paw* bilakah akan dapatkan connection balik?
April 28, 2005   02:39 PM PDT
ewww gross motherfooker. the things people do with technology these days..*shakes head*

on dad's laptop now btw ;p
April 28, 2005   02:34 PM PDT
omg! i was just added into his list yesterday and he kept insisting to on his webcam for me to see and asking me to on mine!

luckily i didn't. >.<

oh, nice blog btw! heh! i always frequent here :p

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